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FAAP has a leading position among Brazilian universities. For over seven decades it has brought together tradition and experience, as a higher education institution which is in total harmony with the demands of the contemporary world.


Its main campus in São Paulo city houses the following schools: Business, Fine Arts, Communication and Marketing, Law, Economics and International Relations, besides FAAP Graduate School and FAAP High School.

Study at FAAP

Portuguese as second language

Based on a communicative approach, the language teaching of our courses is carried out in different cultural and social contexts, which provides a rich experience for students to practice Portuguese in a very pleasant environment: practical situations of everyday communication, pronunciation, vocabulary for specific purposes, such as school, work and leisure, developing the four language learning skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

FAAP offers Online Intensive (100 hours), On-campus Intensive (100 hours) and On-campus Extensive courses (285 hours).  


Graduate Program

FAAP offers a wide range of graduate courses in the following fields of study:

Arts, Architecture, Design, Fashion, Communication, Economics, Business, Finance, Marketing, Law, Public Administration and International Relations.

FAAP Graduate Programs are part-time with a duration of 18 months. For further information, please contact:

Undergraduate Program

FAAP is an international institution. Our partners are on the five continents, in more than 50 countries.


Such internationalization offers more than 300 options for exchange and opportunities of dual degree programs to students.

Undergraduate Courses

Business and Law

·Business Administration

(4 years)

· Law (5 years)


. Advertising (4 years)

·Animation (4 years)

·Film Studies (4 years)

·Journalism (4 years)

·Public Relations (4 years)

·Radio and TV (4 years)


·Economics (4 years)

·International Relations (4 years)


·Architecture (5 years)

·Fashion (4 years)

·Fine Arts (4 years)

·Graphic Design (4 years)

·Product Design (4 years)



Did you know that FAAP has agreements with more than 350 educational institutions around the world? There are 50 destinations, including Germany, France, USA, China and Japan. As a FAAP student, you can now participate in the Global Passport program, a personalized follow-up with all the necessary steps for you to develop a global profile.


Do you want to start a business while still in college? FAAP B-HUB is the space for promoting entrepreneurship that offers mentoring and training through the Empreenda FAAP program, a three-month competition for ideas, projects and companies with an intense program that gives access to consultants, entrepreneurs and investors.

FAAP Social

FAAP Social was created to integrate and plan all the social projects that were already being carried out at FAAP. This is how the Foundation gained its own calendar, full of fixed actions, such as blood and clothing donation campaigns, cultural inclusion with visits to the MAB - Museum of Brazilian Art, and fundraising activities with newcomers, which are already part of the campus routine. The sector directs students interested in volunteering, taking into account the skills and availability of each one.

Career Management

Since 2013, FAAP's Department of Career Management has maintained a virtual wall with more than 8,000 internships and vacancies. You will also have access to career guidance, coaching, interview tips and event attendance, all to help you land your dream job!

Culture &



Yes, we have a Museum on campus! MAB FAAP - Brazilian Art Museum. It is located in building 1 where you can enjoy the famous stained glass windows, FAAP's postcard, with works by Candido Portinari, Lasar Segall, Lina Bo Bardi and Tarsila do Amaral. It's incredibly beautiful!

FAAP TheaterFAAP Theater

FAAP Theater is the space dedicated to the performing arts. It has hosted great actors, such as Raul Cortez, Marília Pêra, Christiane Torloni, Irene Ravache and Tarcísio Meira. As a FAAP student, you have free tickets to any play! 



The library has more than 216,000 copies available. It has a simple pick-up and delivery process upon presentation of the card. Also, through the website you can carry out researches, renewals, reservations and borrows from other libraries.

Digital Room / CENIN

The Digital Room is a space that has more than 50 computers for you to carry out researches and academic works. You can also print your work for free.


You don't even have to leave campus to workout! We have a very well equipped gym for you to train. An excellent option to relieve everyday stress. The space is is exclusively for students, teachers and alumni.

Beach Tennis Court

Do you have your duo to play with us? Our São Paulo campus has a new sport: beach tennis! This modality that mixes beach volleyball, tennis and badminton arrived at FAAP! The court is exclusive to the FAAP community (students, alumni and employees).

Special Civil Court

The FAAP Special Civil Court (JEC FAAP) is the result of an agreement between the Judiciary and the Foundation's Law area and has already provided various services to the population, seeking a quick and efficient solution to resolve less complex conflicts in the civil and that were not amenable to solution in the extrajudicial scope. The services are provided by law students in an internship program linked to the Court of Justice..

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